Memberships from as little as £1.35 a day
GUARANTEED to tone and shape your body
An endurance class
A motivating 45 minute calorie burner!
Indoor Cycling
Combining cardio & resistance training for a total body workout!
Wake Up To Monday
And much, much more!
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Memberships from as little as £1.35 a day

Studio Classes

Westside offers a range of fitness classes in two Studios with dedicated timetables. From Tomahawk indoor cycling, Circuits and aerobics there’s a class to suit everyone whatever your fitness level…working out in a group can’t be beaten!!!

Cardio Blast

An energizing fusion of choreographed cardio and strength training intervals. Enables participants to maximise calorie burn and increases muscle tone.


A vibrant and motivating class for mixed ability. Class will be centered around circuits to promote calorie burning and strength.

Core Fit

This class targets the waistline,abs,oblique’s,and the lower back. Perfect to help shape,define and shrink the waistline!

Indoor Cycling

A motivating 45 minute calorie burner! The ultimate indoor cycling experience.

Insanity Live

Group X Fitness class.  Insanity is a revolutionary cardio based total body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX Interval Training…INSANITY’s interval training is the pinnacle of cardio training.


Is a body transformation, toning and weight loss system, normally Kettlebells are usually used for strength, power and body building types of training.  Both are very different…the weight of the kettlebell that is being used.

Les Mills BodyAttack

You can adjust a BODYATTACK workout to your current fitness level. Take the low-impact options, builds up from 4 or 5 tracks to a full class.  Functional fitness – feels stronger in everyday life, tone and shape your body, improve your coordination and agility.

Les Mills BodyCombat

Is a high energy martial arts inspired workout.  You’ll punch and kick your way to superior fitness and strength, with no complex moves to master.

Les Mills BodyPump

You can adjust a BODYPUMP workout to your current fitness level. Start with light weights or even just a bar, total body workout that burns lots of calories.

Magic of Movement

Focusing on improving functional fitness including core, balance and coordination.


Pilates is a non impact form of exercise open to any any and any level of fitness ability. It develops core strength whilst improving joint mobility, posture, balance and body alignment. A great toning and relaxation class.

Total Body Fitness

This class is designed to improve cardio vascular fitness, endurance and agility. Also to improve over all flexibility and tone.

Your Way Yoga

A fun and challenging class, designed for all levels of practice and abilities, focusing on stamina, strength and flexibility.

Wake Up To Monday

A fun session for all abilities. Combining cardio and resistance training for a total body workout.


Is a fusion of Latin and International music/dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting and based on the principle that a workout should be ‘FUN AND EASY TO DO’. The routines feature aerobic/ fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.


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