Gym Memberships from as little as £1.35 a day

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Memberships from as little as £1.35 a day

What happens during my fitness programme session!

Your Fitness Instructor will discuss your exercise and medical history and also check your blood pressure on your first session…this is standard practice and nothing to worry about…all information is treated in the strictest confidence. The Fitness Instructor needs to know if you have any aches, pains or injuries, or any other medical considerations which could affect what you do in the gym. Your Fitness Instructor will also discuss how much exercise you have done in the past and what you would like to achieve from your new fitness programme.

You will then spend some time in the gym using the exercise machines…don’t worry! the Fitness Instructor will show you all you need to know and everything will be done at your own pace…if you don’t like a particular activity or exercise simply tell the Fitness Instructor, you’re more likely to continue with a routine you like!

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